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If you want to promote the theory about "The Structure and Composition of the Cosmos", so please tell others about it.

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The Structure and Composition of the Cosmos is sold under the name Cosmos and Universes


The book derives the structure and composition of the Cosmos and the universes based on classical physics, so when you read the book you will know it is true - and it cannot be otherwise!

Based on physics such as Maxwell's equations, and Coulomb's and Newton's laws, the book explains:

  1. Why the Universe is lopsided.

  2. The large scale structure of the Universe with its galaxy filaments, super clusters, walls and voids.

  3. The nature of dark matter and dark energy.

  4. The heating of plasma such as the intergalactic media and the corona of the Sun.

  5. The size of our Universe based on the density of our observable Universe.

  6. The extend of our visible Universe.

  7. Why the Cosmos is Euclidean.

  8. The length contraction and "time dilation".

  9. The mass-energy equivalence: E = mc2.

10. How mass and energy are able to escape a black hole.

11. The energy production of neutron stars.

12. The energy cycle of a Universe.


You can find the thesis by clicking on this link (or on the picture of the book):

Cosmos and Universes

It sounds ridicules to call the theory final, but it is in fact the case - and when you have read the theory you will know how it all works!



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